Footy Gear

All the gear for players you want to cheer

Kennedy for President $20

Because who doesn’t love watching your team’s key forward get to work and kick a goal…or 10. Available in mens, womens and kids.

Running Rife With Fyfe $20

You get a Brownlow, and you get a Brownlow. Trust the kid from Lake Grace to perform on the big stage. Available in mens, womens and kids.

Something in the Hair $20

Because you can always sense it when big Nic is about to do something special. Available in mens, womens and kids.

About Us

They reckon there’s no ‘I’ in team but there are just some footy players we love watching more than most. Based in Perth, Footy Gear are here to provide custom designed, high quality tees to celebrate the stars of WA footy.

To order

  • Email order.footygear@gmail.com
  • PayPal available
  • Postage free
  • All designs available in mens, womens and kids
  • Limited sizes up for grabs